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The HackUMass Logistics Team is in charge of all primary logistics which allow the event to happen, from booking the venue and deciding an event date, to planning out food and supplies, to booking buses for non-UMass students to attend the event, to designing a robust day-of schedule to keep the event on track. Without people on the Logistics Team, there would be no venue, no prizes, and no food! They will be working together with the Sponsorship team.

The HackUMass Sponsorship Team is in charge of the finances for the event, obtained through company sponsorships. They plan out our sponsorship tiers, outreach strategy, and are in regular contact with potential sponsors. Closer to the event, the sponsorship team focuses on sponsorship-related logistics, ensuring that all of the companies and mentors attending the event, know everything they need to help the event. They will be working together with the Logistics team.

The HackUMass Public Relations Team is in charge of student and university outreach. This includes running social media accounts, planning giveaways, and representing HackUMass at on-campus events to boost student recruitment. The PR team also creates materials such as flyers and posters which are used to promote the event. They will be working together with the Design team.

The HackUMass Design Team is in charge of creating a brand for HackUMass. This includes reworking the logo to properly encapsulate HackUMass as well as an overall style guide for all things design at HackUMass. The Design team will also be responsible for exhibiting a consistent style in social media. They will be working together with the Public Relations team.

The FUSE Technology Team works with both HackUMass and HackHer413 on applications such as Dashboard and HackerForce which are both open source and used by other hackathons. We also build out the HackUMass and Hack(H)er413 websites as well as perform other technology and infrastructure tasks.

The FUSE Hardware Team works with both HackUMass and HackHer413 on managing our extensive inventory of hardware, providing insight into what role hardware technologies should play in our hackathons, and performing other logistical tasks relating to hardware. The Hardware Team is closely affiliated with M5, the Engineering Makerspace, as well as the All-Campus Makerspace.

If you have any questions and you're not sure who to direct them to, please email team@hackumass.com!